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Our Carpet Cleaning Service

Cleaning your carpeting can be a time and labor intensive chore that doesn’t always produce the results you want or deserve. One reason why so many people have difficulty cleaning their carpeting is because of those rental carpet cleaners. The simple truth is that those rental cleaners are used by hundreds of people each year and not all of the people who use these cleaners treat them with care. In addition, these rental machines, like all machines are subject to wear and tear and aren’t as well maintained as they should be.
This can result in water leaking from cleaners tank, or worn brushes that don’t clean your carpet as well as they should. When your hire Dumbo Carpet Cleaning to clean that carpeting for you, your carpets are not only cleaned by state of the art well maintained carpet cleaning machines, but also by highly trained and skilled professional carpet cleaners.

Our State of the Art Carpet Cleaners

When we began our business we made the decision that we wanted to provide all of our customers with very cleanest carpeting possible.

In order to accomplish that goals we decided to purchase and use only state of the art carpet cleaners. Our steam cleaners are great at reaching dirt buried deep into your carpeting fibers and lifting it away.

In addition, our carpet cleaners are frequently inspected and meticulous maintained to ensure that they function exactly as they are meant to function.

Commercial & Residential Carpet Cleaning

We are extremely proud to be able to offer both residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to our customers. Residential customers can take full advantage of our extended cleaning hours and our same day services. While the same hours apply to our commercial customers we will also be more than happy to work with those commercial customers who also keep extended hours to find a time that is right for you and your business to have your carpeting cleaned. Our commercial cleaning services include those single businesses such as banks, restaurants and offices as well as apartment complexes and property management companies.

Our Trained Cleaning Technicians

When we hire a cleaning technician we put them through a training program designed by other to ensure that they provide you, our customers with the very best professional carpet cleaning possible. Our technicians not only learn how to properly use our state of the art carpet cleaners and our organic cleaners, but they also learn how to identify and eliminate common stains and odors.

Our Organic Cleaning Products

In addition to our state of the art Carpet Cleaners and Our trained carpet cleaning technicians our organic cleaning products can make short work of dirt, stains and odors and are safer for children and pets than those chemical carpet cleaners. Our organic cleaners leave nothing behind, but a fresh clean scent.

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