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Our Mattress Cleaning Service

Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important to your overall health and your ability to function in your work and in your life. However, many people suffer from sleep disturbances often waking up in the middle of night coughing or sneezing or feeling slightly itchy and uncomfortable.
While worn out or broken mattresses is one cause of a lack of a good night’s sleep, dirty mattresses are also a leading cause of broken or uncomfortable sleep.

How Dirty Mattresses Affects Your Sleep & Your Health

Dirty mattresses can affect your sleep and your health in a number of different ways. Odors caused by perspiration, hair and body oils, and stale perfumes that may not be noticeable during your waking hours become magnified once you are asleep. These odors can cause your nose to become plugged, dry out your throat, and have you waking up with a headache leaving you feeling groggy and tired throughout the day.

Dust, pollen, dead skin cells, and the dust mites that feed on your dead skin cells and then eventually die and create waste of their own can combine together to form a dust that is thrown into air each and every time you turn in bed not only lowering the air quality of your bedroom, but causing you to breathe in this unhealthy dust resulting in coughing, sneezing and respiratory difficulties especially for those who suffer from alleges and asthma.
Of course the germs and bacteria in your mattress from bodily fluids and past illnesses can cause you to feel sick and put at risk for a number of illnesses.

What Causes Your Mattresses to Become Dirty?

Most people don’t think their mattresses are dirty, especially if they use mattress covers to protect their mattresses. However, no matter how thick of a mattress cover you use or how often you wash your cover your mattresses still will collect a great deal of dirt. Some of the sources of dirt in your mattress are:
  Dust & Pollen
  Perspiration & body fluids
  Hair & body oils & lotions
  Dead skin cells
  Dust mites & other pests
  Stale perfume scents

Cleaning Your Mattresses

Experts recommend that mattresses should be steamed cleaned at least two or three times a year. Here at Dumbo Carpet Cleaning we can clean your mattresses for you leaving them looking and feeling clean and smelling fresh.

Our state of the art steam cleaners can not only remove dirt, but stains and odors as well as killing germs and bacteria while leaving your mattresses less damp than those designed for home use steam cleaners. Not only will your mattresses dry quicker leaving less chance for mold and mildew to grow, they will also allow you to get a better and healthier night’s sleep and improve your bedroom’s air quality.

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